PrePlanning Your Funeral

Pre-arrangement is the act of planning a funeral service prior to the time it is needed. Today, more people are recognizing that planning ahead provides peace of mind and demonstrates love and consideration for their families.

It's a thoughtful decision that helps reduce the stress of indecision and uncertainty when a death occurs. It is also a natural part of estate planning decisions, such as creating wills and trusts.

Many people plan ahead because there's no one else available to make responsible decisions. Others plan to ease the burden for their families. The sense of uncertainty is greatly reduced when arrangements are made early.

Advance Planning also gives you the opportunity for the design of a personal and customized service. When someone dies, their family is sometimes surprised and comforted by the number of people who attend the funeral. It is an inspiration to see at the end of someone's life the countless number of lives they have touched. That is why we believe with proper planning, a funeral can be a time to grieve, to share, and to remember.

During a pre-arrangement consultation, there is time to review cost options, establishment of an irrevocable trust (for Medicaid compliance) should you desire, and the option to financially secure your arrangements. Funding the funeral is a matter of choice whereby prepaying allows you to pay for the funeral service at current prices.

Advance Planning can be discussed at any age and plans can be easily amended as your preferences or circumstances change. The staff at Throop Funeral Home can answer your questions, provide suggestions, and explain all of your options.

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